Trinity Church will not gather for public worship until the stay-at-home order is lifted.  A worship by video option is available.  This weeks message is “Blessed Disruption Part 3”.  Click here to view.
DVD’s also available upon request.
Easter Drive-In Service will be offered April 12, 10am in the Trinity Church parking lot! 


Inviting all Generations Into God’s Family

And welcome to our home page.  Consider this the front door to  a virtual reality open house.  Check out all the rooms.   In the living room you’ll find inspiring and relevant worship, in the family room a place to connect more personally with people.  Our house has a training room to grow and improve, and everybody has the opportunity to get involved in the work shop.
Many people describe Trinity Church like a home and an extended family.  So if you’re looking for a place to belong, to become and come to believe,  you might find it through Trinity Church.  Wander around our website.  Better yet, come in person.  You might just find yourself at home.
SUNDAYS at 10am 
1330 South Ferry
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to invite all generations into God’s family.  We’re compelled first of all by Christ’s love for us.  In return we love God through worship,  the world through mission, each other through community, and root ourselves in Christ through discipleship.  We envision two “super powers” making us a dynamic community – the great commandment (love God and love others), and the great commission (make disciples).   These came straight from Jesus himself!

At Home with God and Each Other
Worship gatherings create a unique time to connect with God. Through traditional and contemporary music, prayers, Bible readings, and a relevant message we experience God. We celebrate our life in God with order and spontaneity in a style that has form but isn’t formal. There may even be times of laughter. We may shed a tear. Exactly what your wear isn’t important – being there is what matters.
Our Current Message
Blessed Disruptions
March 22 & 29 Available via video worship only.  Links here and in email invitations.  DVD’s available upon request.

The lives of people all over the world are being disrupted.  Some are seriously ill, and a few have lost loved ones.   For millions more our livelihood, education, social life, and even spiritual lives are up-ended.  Has anything like this happened before?  The Bible is full of stories of massive disruption.  However, in most cases, blessing followed the pain the loss.  Let’s find inspiration from God’s word and those who have gone before us. 

Get the Message Out!
We want to get the Word out any way we can.  If you can’t make it to worship, we hope you can connect through our website.  We’ll post


Nothing feels more like home than a place where people know your name, and your story.   A place begins to feel like home when you’re part of the family.  Worship is a great place to start, but if you want more space to get to know people, you’ve got to move into the family room.  Here’s a few place where you can tell your story, and hear some good ones too.


You’re Invited into the Family Business!

Jesus made his heavenly Father’s business clear in “the two Greats” – the great Commandment, and the Great Commission.   The great Commandment is to love God and each other.  The Great Commission is to make disciples and teach people to follow Jesus.
West Michigan
Guatamala and Mexico


Every good home is a place to grow up.  As disciples of Jesus, we always have opportunities to grow in understanding,  faith and character.  Our hope is that all people connected to Trinity Church are becoming passionate disciples and are being transformed by the Word of God.

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