Basic Bible – First in a series of three “Basics” Courses.

The Bible can be hard to understand.  A compilation of 66 books written by 39 authors over a period of about 1500 years.  It was originally written in 3 languages,  contains at least 5 different types of literature, and has hundreds of characters. 
 At Trinity Church we offer a series of 3 courses. The goal of the “Basic Bible”, “Basic Beliefs” and “Basic Practices” is to give Christians a working knowledge of our Bible, along with the Beliefs and Practices that flow from the Bible.  For every Believer – knowing, understanding, and putting into practice the revelations about God in the Bible is like a river of fruitful life.  It’s well worth the effort. 
Course Outline, Assignments and Tests can be found lower on this page.

Basics Bible Course – A Narrative ApproachBible Basic Pic

The Basics Bible course uses a narrative approach to teaching.  Most people can remember a good story more easily than a list of facts or a series of scripture passages.  In the Basics Bible Course you’ll get to know:

Seven Lead Characters 

Obviously, that leaves a lot of important people out – but many of them will show up in your reading.  Each of these lead characters take part in one of the major movements in the story of the Bible.

The Big Story Both the major story line of the Bible, along with the major life events of the seven lead characters.    Character “Types”

  Many of the seven lead characters illustrate a “type” of character. They are representative of many other people.  For example: David is a king, one of many kings. Isaiah is a prophet, one of many prophets.

Types of Literature

– The seven lead characters are told within or are authors of the different types of Biblical literature.  For example:  King David wrote Psalms which is Poetry/Wisdom literature, Isaiah wrote the book which is Prophetic literature.  
Basic Bible Course Objectives
You will be able to communicate the basic story-line of the Bible.
You’ll be familiar with 7 lead characters of the Bible.
You’ll be ble to identify “character type” of the seven lead characters.
You’ll know many of the significant events of the seven lead characters.
You’ll know how the life events in the lives of the 7 key characters are significant to believers today.
You’ll be familiar with the Bible time line and  place the 7 key characters into a Biblical time-line.
You’ll know Bible literature types

You’ll begin to be familiar with interpreting and applying the meaning of the Bible.

Resources  Needed to Take Course

Story PicThe Story, Zondervan Publishing, ISBN 978-0-310-95097-4.  Available in hardcopy directly from Zondervan Publishing or most any other book distributor.  Also  available in digital format from Amazon or Apple iBooks.  The Story  is excerpts from the Bible with commentary between sections.




ZBH PicZondervan Handbook to the Bible

(ZBH). ISBN 13: 978-0-310-26271-8.  Available in hardcopy directly from Zondervan.  If digital version is available, I would not recommend it as it will be difficult to use. Referred in syllabus as “ZBH”



Lead Characters Message Audio Files  Provided to you as digital media in the course outline below.   Just click on colored text with the Audio message title.

Suggested Films   Titles and year in the course outline.  These are optional.  You have to find these on your own.



Yes there are tests.  You can take them on-line by clicking on the Unit # Test as indicated below. 

Basic Bible Course Outline

Unit 1: Adam, Abraham and Moses
Adam:             Read: The Story Chapter 1;  Zondervan Bible Handbook p.115-120   
Abraham:       Read: The Story Chapter 2,  Zondervan Bible Handbook p. 127-139
Watch (Optional)  In The Beginning (2000)
Moses:            Read: The Story Chapters 4-5;  Zondervan Bible Handbook p.159-178
         Listen: Lead Character: Moses (Click to Play)
Watch (Optional) “Ten Commandments”  (1956); “Exodus – Gods and Kings” (2014) 
Unit 2: David and Isaiah
David:             Read: The Story Chapter 11.  Zondervan Bible Handbook p.259-275
Watch: (Optional):  “King David” 1985
Isaiah:             Read: The Story Chapter 16.  Zondervan Bible Handbook p.417-438
                 Listen: Lead Character: Isaiah
Unit 3: Jesus
Read: Story Story Chapters 22-27.  Zondervan Bible Handbook p.577-594
Watch Film: “Jesus of Nazareth” (1977)  “Passion of the Christ” (2004)

  Unit 3 Test: Click Here for Unit 3 Test


Unit 4: Paul and Early Church

Read: Story Chapters 28 and 29.  Zondervan Bible Handbook p. 643-680.
Watch (Optional): Film: “Peter and Paul” (1981)   “AD – The Bible Continues” 
Unit 5: General Bible
Timeline & Narrative:   Read Zondervan Bible Handbook p. 18-21, 28-29.
Lit. Type and Interpret:   Read Zondervan Bible Handbook p. 14-17; 46-57.
Unit 5 Test: Click Here for Unit 5 Test
(After you’ve passed all the tests)…..
Congratulations!  You’ve complete the Basic Bible Course!