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You’re invited to take chronological, Christ-centered journey through the story-line of Scripture.
Kids, Students and Adults will journey from Genesis to Revelation and discover how God’s
plan of redemption unfolds  throughout Scripture and still today, compelling them to join the mission of God.
During the first months of 2017, Trinity will continue on the Gospel Project adventure through the Bible.
Even if you didn’t participate during the first semester,  now is a great time to jump in. Here’s how you can participate:
Personal Study
   Three guided meditations from the Bible each week lead you further downs the trail.
 Appropriate study material people of all ages.
Sunday Worship:
   A Biblically themed worship experience guides us over the next horizon.
Small Group
   Gather each week with others on the journey to discern meaning and application.
 Age appropriate groups for children through adults.
Family Bible Time
 “Take home” version of what your child or student has been learning.
Find out more at: www.gospelproject.com.
Click here for a reading schedule: 2018 January Reading Schedule

Reading Guides available to down load or read on-line:

 Week of January 7-13: V.8 Session 4; V.8 Session 5; V.8 Session 6
Week of January 21-27: V.8 Session 10