At Home with God and Each Other

Worship gatherings create a unique time to connect with God. Through traditional and contemporary music, prayers, Bible readings, and a relevant message we experience God. We celebrate our life in God with order and spontaneity in a style that has form but isn’t formal. There may even be times of laughter. We may shed a tear. Exactly what your wear isn’t important – being there is what matters.

Our Current Message Series


Kingdom Seeking   As a new year begins, many folks re-evaluate their priorities.  Each of us has only so much time.  How will we spend it?  What will take priority?   The answer to these questions determines the history we’ll make in 2019.  Jesus taught more about the Kingdom of God than any other topic.  For him, and for his followers, the Kingdom is the number one priority.  But what is this Kingdom, where is it, and how do we enter in?

January 6: Eyes to See
Matthew 13:10-16
For seven-hundred years the Jews looked forward to a Messiah who would usher in the Kingdom of God.  However, when Jesus came, his own people didn’t recognize him or the kingdom that was taking shape right before their eyes.  They just couldn’t see it.  This inability to see was prophesied by Isaiah and confirmed by Jesus.  What about us?  Is the Kingdom coming in ways we can’t see?
January 20:  Signs of the Kingdom
Matthew 11:1-24; John 14:1-4
If you’re seeking something mysterious and difficult to find, it might help to have a sign.  The Kingdom of God comes with signs that might help us find what we seek.  Let’s see what some of the original signs were and see if they help us find our way.
January 27: The Kingdom is Like… part 1
Matthew 13
Jesus began many of his teachings with “The Kingdom of God is like…”.  It would have been nice if a simple, clear, and easy to understand explanation followed.  It rarely did.  Instead Jesus spoke in parables comparing the Kingdom to a familiar earthly experience.  What can we discern from these familiar yet strange parables?
February 3:  The Kingdom is Like…part 2
Luke 15, Matthew 18:23-25; Luke 14:7-10
Even though Jesus’ parables about the Kingdom used familiar life examples, they revealed a Kingdom very different than our world and life.  Let’s discover how God’s Kingdom will change the world in strange and wonderful ways.
February 10:  The Kingdom is Where & When…
Luke 14:14-21; 17:20-37
If we knew where to look, and when to expect the Kingdom to come it would certainly help our quest.  Jesus did indeed give us some guidance about where and when to look for the Kingdom.  This guidance is surely helpful but may also raise more questions.
February 17:  Seek First
Matthew 6:25-34
Jesus was perfectly clear.  Seeking the Kingdom should absolutely be our first priority.  However, if we’re honest, we have to admit that other worries and desires get in the way.  Let’s consider what hinders our search for the Kingdom, and how do we find it?