At Home with God and Each Other

Worship gatherings create a unique time to connect with God. Through traditional and contemporary music, prayers, Bible readings, and a relevant message we experience God. We celebrate our life in God with order and spontaneity in a style that has form but isn’t formal. There may even be times of laughter. We may shed a tear. Exactly what your wear isn’t important – being there is what matters.  

Our Current Message Series


Improving our Standard of Loving   No topic has been written about more, inspired more music, plotted more dramas, motivated more creativity than love.   At the same time, no human endevour has caused more sorrow or broken more hearts than the failed hope of finding love.  In the midst of our human quest, Jesus enters history and proclaim love for God and one another is the fulfillment of God’s most essential desire as well.  Maybe God can guide us through an unlikely source to find true love – the 10 Commandments!   September 9: Loving God with Worship Exodus 20:1-7 Everybody worships something or somebody.  Your desires for, respect or admiration of anything or anyone is the stuff of worship.  The question is, who or what are you worshipping?  In the ancient world, much like our own, it was common to worship many Gods.  God simplifies our life by commanding us to love and worship Him only.   September 16: Receiving God’s Love in Sabbath Exodus 20:8-11 For some religious people it’s a day of restrictions.  For other folks it’s the last day of the weekend – last chance to pursue happiness.  For all it holds the potential bless us with God’s original intention of resting in and enjoying his completed hard work.  Let’s rediscover Sabbath as a source of life.   September 23: Loving neighbors as Family Exodus 20:12 No human experience is more desired and fundamental to life than family.  Everyone wants to belong where they are loved and nurtured,   a place where they can grow and discover their unique purpose.   While honor is a vague notion and out of vogue,  it’s the starting point of a long and good life.   September 30: Loving Neighbors Physically Exodus 20:13-14 We are intended by God to live as physical beings.  Our bodies are sacred creations, made by God, originally intended to live eternally.  A full-bodied expression of love recognizes the sacred nature of our physical life and respects the sanctity of it.  This is especially true about our role in the beginning and ending of life.   October 7: Loving Neighbors Truthfully Exodus 20:15-17 Truth may seem like an abstract idea, but without truthfulness, our life with other people would descend into an unmanageable chaos.  The truth about what belongs to whom and what actually happened is essential to a life and loving our neighbors.  So, here’s to a telling the truth that sets us free.