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The Importance of Basic Beliefs From the very beginning, our Christian faith has held basic, essential beliefs.  These were derived from the Old Testament scriptures, the teachings of Jesus and the writings of the original Apostles – (New Testament).  These are the foundation stones one which our faith is built.  These basic, essential beliefs are sometimes called doctrines.  Every member, and especially every leader needs to know them and why they’re vital to our faith.  
Basic Beliefs Course Objectives
  • Know what some of the basic beliefs are.
  • Be able to support from scripture.
  • Be able to explain basics to a seeker. 
  • Be able to communicate as gospel.
  • Be aware of and begin to differentiate between essential beliefs, non-essential beliefs, and un-Biblical teachings.

Resources Needed for Basic Beliefs Course

Zondervan Publishing,
ISBN 978-0-310-44383-4. Hard copy or digital versions available.
Chrsitian BeliefsChristian Beliefs
by Wayne Grudem, Zondervan Publishing.
ISBN 978-0-310-32209-2.  Hardcopy of digital version available.
Believe Message Series Audio Files
– click on audio file titles where listed in the course outline.
Tests at the end of each unit are preferably done on-line, although hard copy are available too. 
Contact pastor Randy for test access at: or 616-843-5229.

Basic Beliefs Course Outline

Unit 1: God and Scripture
  • God      
    • Believe Chapter 1: God
    • Believe Chapter 2: Personal God
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 2: What is God Like?
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 3: What is the Trinity?
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 4: What is Creation?
    • Believe Message Series Audio File: Believe – Personal God
  • Scripture
    • Believe Chapter 4: Scripture
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 1: What is the Bible?
Contact Pastor Randy @ or 616-843-5229 for a user name and password.
Unit 2: Humanity and Christ
  • Humanity
  • Christ
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 9: Who is Christ?
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 11: What is the Resurrection?
Contact Pastor Randy @ or 616-843-5229 for a user name and password.
Unit 3: Salvation and Christian Living
  • Salvation
    • Believe Chapter 3: Salvation
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 10: What is Atonement?
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 13: What Does it Mean to Become a Christian?
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 14: What is Justification and Adoption?
    • Believe Message Series Audio File: Believe – Salvation
  • Christian Living
    • Believe Chapter 5: Identify in Christ
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 15: What are Sanctification and Perseverance?
Contact Pastor Randy @ or 616-843-5229 for a user name and password.
Unit 4: Church, Creeds and Gospel
  • Church
    • Believe Chapter 6: Church
    • Christian Beliefs Chapter 17: What is the Church?
  • Creeds
    • Christian Beliefs Appendix 1
  • Gospel
Contact Pastor Randy @ or 616-843-5229 for a user name and password.
Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the Basic Beliefs Course.