Growth Opportunities

Every good home is a place to grow up.  As disciples of Jesus, we always have opportunities to grow in understanding,  faith and character.  Our hope is that all people connected to Trinity Church are becoming passionate disciples and are being transformed by the Word of God.

Kids, Youth and Small Groups

Trinity hosts a variety of small groups and classes which meet Sunday, Wednesday,
and other days of the week for children through adults. Each offering has meeting location, day and time included in the description.

On-line Growth Experiences

Can’t make it to a small group on a regular basis?   No problem, we’ll bring the growth opportunity to you. In addition,  this site hosts on-line growth experiences.  Check out our Root’s Member Course, Basic Bible, Basic Beliefs, and Basic Practices on-line course.
“Basics” Courses
The Bible can be hard to understand.  A compilation of 66 books written by 39 authors over a period of about 1500 years.  It was originally written in 3 languages,  contains at least 5 different types of literature, and has hundreds of characters. At Trinity Church we offer a series of 3 courses. The goal of the “Basic Bible”, “Basic Beliefs” and “Basic Practices” is to give Christians a working knowledge of our Bible, along with the Beliefs and Practices that flow from the Bible.  For every Believer – knowing, understanding, and putting into practice the revelations about God in the Bible is like a river of fruitful life.  It’s well worth the effort.
For Elders and Deacons, a working knowledge is essential to your calling in the ministry of the Word.  As an Elder, you have the privilege of guiding and encouraging the people in your care.  As a Deacon, you’re called to lead the Church in her mission.  Together, you’re called on to maintain “faith and sound doctrine”, possible teaching or preaching the Bible and sometimes even give people a “course correction”. A  comfortable familiarity with the story and meaning of the Bible will give you the confidence to fulfill your calling. The three “Basics” course are intended to be your first step.