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Roots Member’s Course is usually experienced as a six week small group.  However, some people can’t make it to all or any of the small group meetings.   If that’s your story – this on-line version of Roots is for you.
The Roots Course is divided into six chapters.  Each chapter will include a newsletter.  Chapters 2-5 include an audio file.
Some chapters include one or more supplement documents.
Just click on each item to experience it.  After you’ve read the newsletter and listed to the audio files,  you’ll find a homework assignment at the end of each newsletter.  Do the homework assigned in the green box on the last page of each newsletter before you proceed to the next chapter.
As always, we want to assist you in any way you may need it.  Contact us at:, 
or 616-842-9480.
Chapter 1: Gospel
Chapter 2: Worship
Next Steps Survey  (Printable Hard Copy Version)
Chapter 3: Community
Chapter 4: Discipleship
Chapter 5: Mission
Chapter 6: Membership