Our Current Message Series

Faith in Uncertain Times
This three-week series explores characters from the Bible who experienced seasons of fear—the “in-between” trials of life. Job, Daniel, and  Paul all experienced times of frustration, pain, suffering, and difficult questions. We too experience these difficult, fearful times, and it’s vital that even in the midst of hard circumstances the church retains its faith in God to carry us through.
April 19  Keeping Faith in Suffering
Text: Job 1:1–22; 4:7–8; 42:7–17
Job was righteous and blessed.  He knew and believed in God, was successful, wealthy and had a wife and many children.  Suddenly multiple catastrophes took away his wealth, children and health.  His faith in God hung in the balance.  Everything he believed and based his life on now seem questionable. How could a good God allow a righteous man to suffering like this.  We may be wondering the same thing at this time.  Let’s see if Job and help us.
April 26  Faith Against the Flow
Text: Daniel 1:1–6; 2:24; 6:1–28
The once proud Jewish people never thought it would come to this.  In the past they were the most rich and powerful country in the world.  Now they were living in exile in Babylon as servants and slaves.  Daniel determined to keep his faith.  As servant of the King, he served as cooperatively as he could.  Eventually he was commanded to do things that compromised his faith.  How do you keep faith when the cultural currents your swimming in are against you?   
May 3  Faith in All Circumstances
Text: Philippians 4:11–13
You would think a virtuous man like Paul would have had a more comfortable life.  He began as a highly disciplined Pharisee who lived diligently by all the rules.  Then he was set free by the gospel and became the greatest missionary of all time.   His reward?  Well, his faithful service and sacrifice landed him in painful difficulty much of the time.  Amazingly, Paul was content even in his hardships.   How did he do that?  How might we?