Meet the Trinity leadership team

We recognize Jesus Christ as the head of His church.  All members are called to serve under His leadership.   We’re organized in Ministry Teams each focusing on a specific purpose.  We also have a leadership team called a “Consistory” that oversees the church.   In addition we have a team of full and part-time staff with specific roles.

Pastor Randy Bremmer

Intrepid Explorer. Passionate Pastor. Fruitful Father. Randy is an average guy living an extraordinary life. His conviction that everybody has the same opportunity led to his life calling. Since 1978,  Randy has been leading people on the great adventure of following Christ. Randy was blessed and prepared by his parents, family and extended Christian family at Midland Reformed Church in Midland, Michigan. Randy grew in the fertile learning environment of Calvin College – earning a four year degree in five years. While at Calvin, Randy began Christian Adventures. This outdoor adventure ministry immerses people in the glory of God’s creation through biking, backpacking, climbing, rafting, and kayaking adventures in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. After 23 years of trekking the planet and directing Christian Adventures, Randy graduated from Western Seminary, has served on the pastoral staff of two congregations and planted another.  Since 2008, Pastor Randy is grateful for the opportunity to guide the congregation at Trinity Church. Randy’s biggest adventure has been as husband to Tracy and father to Daniel, Natalie, and Anna beginning in 2001. Being a father to triplets offers daily stretching and growing opportunities right at home.

Wally De La Fuente, Worship Music & Art Director

Wally De La Fuente, born Osvaldo De La Fuente Jr., has over 15 years experience working in ministry. He started out at Collins College in Tempe, AZ with a small Bible study that grew to over 50 students within a two-month period. He then returned to his hometown of El Paso, TX where he was the Video Director at a Church that grew from 6,000 members to 30,000 within a 6-year period. He then became Youth Leader, College Class leader, worked on the Worship Team and head of the Audio/Visual Department at Sunshine Community Church in El Paso, TX. Now resides in Grand Haven, Michigan, where he is Programs Director for Christian Leaders Institute and Worship Leader at Trinity Reformed Church.
Wally has received many awards for commercials and short films such as Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Writing and more. He has published a book entitled Come To Your Senses, an in-depth study of the parable of the lost son and has one audio album entitled “It Is Time”.
He received his A. A. in Media Arts at Collins College and is now pursuing His Bachelor’s in Marketing Management at Western Governor’s University. He has received his Associate of Divinity and the Bachelor of Divinity at Christian Leader’s Institute. He is married to April Fonseca and father of Anthony, Aaron, Amaya, Lucas & Sara De La Fuente .