Meet the Trinity leadership team

We recognize Jesus Christ as the head of His church.  All members are called to serve under His leadership.   We’re organized in Ministry Teams each focusing on a specific purpose.  We also have a leadership team called a “Consistory” that oversees the church.   In addition we have a team of full and part-time staff with specific roles.

Pastor Wally De La Fuente

Wally De La Fuente, born Osvaldo De La Fuente Jr., has over 25 years experience working in ministry. He holds a Bachelor of Film & Video, Master of Marketing Management and a Master of Theology from Northwestern.
He has published a book entitled Come To Your Senses, an in-depth study of the parable of the lost son and has one audio album entitled “It Is Time”. And is currently working with Pastor Jack Doolag on a new disciplship book entitled, “90 Day Disciple”. He is married to April Fonseca and father of Anthony, Aaron, Amaya, Lucas & Sara De La Fuente.