At Home with God and Each Other
Worship gatherings create a unique time to connect with God. Through traditional and contemporary music, prayers, Bible readings, and a relevant message we experience God. We celebrate our life in God with order and spontaneity in a style that has form but isn’t formal. There may even be times of laughter. We may shed a tear. Exactly what your wear isn’t important – being there is what matters.
Our Current Message Series

Unity Essentials

As if the political divisiveness weren’t enough, we’re struggling to stay united in the church too.  Our denomination, the Reformed Church in America is on the verge of dividing.  Why is this happening?  Can’t we just maintain a “functional diversity” as some have proposed, or is it neither wise nor Biblical to maintain fellowship with those who promote sin as other say.  In this series, we’ll seek Biblical guidance to these pressing questions. 

April 11: Scripture – Authoritative Revelation

2 Timothy 3:10-17; 1 John 1:1-4

How do we know what we believe?  The Bible contains a long history of God working out His salvation of humanity.  He has chosen to use people to both reveal His truth and do His works.  These have been recorded by many people over 1500 years of time.  The Bible is completely unique with its’ many authors, composed over centuries in multiple languages, containing hundreds of prophesies.  Yet it has a unity that is humanly impossible. 


April 18: Humans – Shattered Image 

Genesis 2-3; Romans 2-3

The Bible tells us that we’re created in the image of God and declared “very good”.  It also reveals that we’re hopelessly sinful, worthless and incapable of saving ourselves from the consequences of our folly.  How can we reconcile these two self-concepts?  On the other hand, if we’re honest with ourselves, both seem to ring true about ourselves and other people.   


April 25: Gospel – Good News

Ephesians 2-3

This is where the big story of the Bible and the divine-human experience all comes together.  The seemingly irreconcilable differences between God and humans, between people, and even within our own souls are made whole.  Here we find our hearts true home with God and our family of faith.


Get the Message Out!
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