At Home with God and Each Other
Worship gatherings create a unique time to connect with God. Through traditional and contemporary music, prayers, Bible readings, and a relevant message we experience God. We celebrate our life in God with order and spontaneity in a style that has form but isn’t formal. There may even be times of laughter. We may shed a tear. Exactly what your wear isn’t important – being there is what matters.
Our Current Message Series
  Tales from the Script(ure)
The month of October brings Halloween and scary stories. Did you know the Bible has some scary stories of its own? They aren’t meant for you to live in fear of people, ghosts, goblins or zombies; on the contrary, they are designed to point you to the only one you are supposed to fear: The Lord. In this series we will tackle the least talked about stories of the Bible and dive deep into what the Lord was trying to tell us about Himself and our morbid curiosity.
Oct. 31 – Day of the Living Dead    Verses: Matthew 27:51-53 
The Bible says that when Jesus died on the cross, an earthquake shook the earth and many tombs were opened. 3 days later after Jesus rose from the dead so did the bodies of many believers at the time. In fact, they went into the Holy city and people saw them. What could that have been like for the people of that time who do not have the luxury of knowing the full story as we do today?
Essential Beliefs and the Difference They Make
Our Christian faith is vigorously contested today.  A growing number of people no longer believe, and some oppose Christianity.  We need to be prepared to stand firm.  What are the essentials that must be defended?   In addition to the Bible, this series will use two timeless treasures: the Apostles Creed and the Heidelberg Catechism.
November 1: What does the Holy Spirit Do? (Pt. 2)    Heidelberg Q. 56-64
In the end, your deepest needs and greatest hopes are realized through what the Holy Spirit does for you.  How do we benefit from the the generous blessings available through the Holy Spirit?
   Indoor Worship Begins November 8 @ 10am

Beginning Sunday, November 8 at 10am, Trinity Church will worship in our sanctuary.

Drive-In worship has been a delightful season for Trinity Church.  We were among the first to offer drive-in services in West Michigan.  In addition to our own members, many visitors joined us.  

Our plan is to continue to do drive-in worship through November 1, weather permitting.   As the season and weather changes, we plan to move back into the sanctuary taking precautions to make it safe. 

Previously we announced plans to offer two services, one at 9:30am and one at 11am.   After receiving feedback from a number of people, the two-service plan is cancelled.   We will be offering one service at 10am beginning Sunday, November 8. 
We look forward to seeing you as we gather in God’s Presence each Sunday! 
Get the Message Out!
We want to get the Word out any way we can.  If you can’t make it to worship, we hope you can connect through our website.  We’ll post